3 Tips to Reach Your Fitness Goals


This is my second update on the Athlean-X1 Fitness Transformation Workout.  (Read my first post and watch the video here.) There have been many things I’ve learned, not only from participating in this workout but through training for over 30 years.  Here are 3 great tips that will help you reach your fitness goals.  (Read or…

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Athlean Workout WK 1


Athlean workout, week one complete! I’ve learned two things: Meal prep is king and avocados suck. I’m feeling strong after the first week but my legs are really sore. The AX-1 workout is a total body workout; you’re not isolating your body parts by working legs, back and biceps; chest, shoulders, triceps on individual days.…

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Workout Athlean WK Zero

The Athlean-X workout routine seems legit! They have a lot of workout programs designed for your specific training goal.  And I’m excited to get started. I’m starting with the AX-1 routine and then will graduate to the AX-2 routine.  If you want to learn more about the workouts they offer then visit Athlean Online. This…

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Let Love Reign


You “think” you’re doing the right thing. But the heart is deceiving. You think that you’re supporting a cause and that you’ve chosen a side . . . but you were chosen before the beginning of time. Love is confused because it’s undefined by the counter punch of the lie. Death is a phantom –…

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Judgemental Portrait


The cool air carried the smell of alcohol over the crowded sidewalks.  Laughter, release and the midday breeze embraced the streets like a song from an 80’s sitcom . . . where everybody knows your name. I can judge the moment or  . . . trace the light with my lens. We choose to surrender to this…

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Discover The Portrait


It was cold and my fingers were numb.  Though, the sunlight was beautiful. I traced the light with my lens. I heard the fall leaves crackle under my feet as I walked across the faded green lawn.  I would pause and let the sun kiss my face. The American flag clapped and whirled as it…

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Portrait Shows Truth


Some things are not always what they seem.  Yet change is a direction worth understanding and light does not lie. I came here to find an outlet and I discovered a reason.  No reason should be left uncovered because it can lead to deeper truth. It dawned on me that I needed to shift to the…

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Her Portrait Stands


Hard work takes you to the moment you’ve been dreaming about.  Seek every opportunity, without hesitation and release any anchors. She had purpose and her focus was set on her intentions.  The only thing she abandoned was her fear. The day was over but the sun was still hot.  The smell of the dirt, as…

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Brutal Truth


truth noun ˈtrüth Something which would probably upset a great many of people if it were known and made public . . . Truth. Urban Dictionary ~ How would you define truth?  Brutal honesty:  You look fat in those jeans! I’ve been processing the value of brutal honesty for awhile.  As a songwriter I always craved brutal honesty…

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Color Me Portrait


Her joy led me in as her smile captivated my soul.  She was a colorful light and my lens discovered freedom once again. Run with me again. Sprint to this finish line with zeal upon your heart for life’s race has many colors. Colors that you’ve never realized. Not because your eyes were closed. Not…

Color Me Portrait was originally published on The Indie Artist