Speech for Musician of the Month

Thank you so much for hosting this ceremony for me. I’d like to share a few things with you briefly. First, I want to thank those who support me and managed me; second, I’d like to share briefly about my accomplishments during my first 10 months in Secondlife®; and lastly, I’d like to honor the Secondlife® venue owners and enthusiast.

First, thanks to all of you who voted me as Musician of the Month! If it wasn’t for you AND the 300 + members in my group AND Bringiton Paine’s Music Hall of Fame, I’d still be on the outskirts of the Secondlife® grid. I came into Secondlife® in July of 2008 through one the most passionate and enduring musicians, Aussie Blackburn. If it weren’t for him and his crooning friends down-under, like Jackdog Snook, RaRa Destiny and Jessy Somer – I wouldn’t even be here. I used to sing with all these brilliant musicians on a program called Skype™ – years before entering Secondlife®. (FYI – my Skype™, MSN, and CamFrog ID is acousticenergy – feel free to add me)

AcousticEnergy Nitely’s very first gig was at an outdoor venue called The Drunken Mermaid. I believe I was one or two gigs into performing there when I met Brickhouse Frog – AKA Bricky. Asking nothing in return except for maybe a hug after each performance, Bricky became my manager and quickly began networking and landing gigs for me. Well, from being a total newbie by stumbling over my words between songs, having the mic and guitar volume too low, and showing up without pants – I’m here 10 months later and awarded Bringiton Paine’s Musician of the Month, of which, I’m humbly honored. And may I add that the venue owners endured this learning curve with me. Sooo – Thank you to them and to Bricky for absorbing most of the ass kicking and drama in Secondlife®, which allowed me to simply show up and play at the venues.

Now on to some accomplishments – Through these 10 months I’ve played hundreds of gigs, tons of benefit concerts from ‘Relay for Life®’ to ‘Make-A-Wish®’ to ‘Earth Day’, Birthday and Rez Day parties, weddings and intimate one-on-one serenades; in addition to singing for couples who simply wanted a passionate night of soft, warm vocals to cozy up to. I also had the honor of being the featured guest of Angelico Baii’s, Metaverse-TV. I was actually the first guest to appear in human form and not as an avatar; but I think the reason for choosing human form was due to me wearing a tank top in my music video, which by the way you can see on these sites:



Venue owners! Wow – I wish I could name all of them and everyone connected with them but it would be overwhelming. Each venue and their owner deserve more than a simple mention in this speech. I strongly encourage you to tell others about the venues you visit, and keep visiting them! Unfortunately, half of the venues that AcousticEnergy has performed at have dissolved back into the pixels that formed them. And that goes without saying, that it’s so critical to support the venue owners and Secondlife® enthusiast continually. It’s enthusiasts like BRINGITON PAINE with her MUSIC HALL OF FAME, and WOLFBRINGER SIXPACK, ORTHO VARGAS, and COURTESAN DECUIR from OD DESIGNS, and BENETHAR FLUFFBALL, owner, founder, and manager of THE GERSHWIN ROOM and PHANTASCAPE RADIO 10808 who, in Secondlife® and across the internet, extend themselves above and beyond. These highly enthusiastic people give not only give their own Linden but also countless hours of time and energy to make Secondlife® what it is. If it weren’t for these creative and enduring supporters, then all the musicians, artists, and groups would not have a place to express, or a platform to give us quality entertainment. Gwampa Lomus didn’t charge me or Bringiton Paine to have this ceremony at his amazing, four sim venue – Gwampa is simply a true and loyal supporter of bringing audible and visual stimulation to us. So God bless these individuals and please continue to show your support to them, not only with words of encouragement, but with your Lindens too.

In closing, thank you for accepting me into the Music Hall of Fame and for awarding m
e the prestige’s title of Musician of the Month – I’m honored. I think I get to play a few songs now, so if you want to stick around, I’d love to sing for you.

Links you’ll want to navigate to:













Speech for Musician of the Month was originally published on The Indie Artist

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