Dream With Me

She stood laughing
Born of pure tales and soft dreams

She stood laughing

Unbound with her feet in the light
Calm words on her tongue

Her breath
Warm, delightfully crisp
I should have
Right then . . .

She stood laughing
Gestures speaking of freedom

She stood laughing

The doorway could not hold life at bay
Her simple thoughts danced
Like fairies in the wind

Her mind
Courageous, boundlessly fierce
I should have
Right then . . .

She stood laughing,
the wind touched her face
A moment . . .past,
like light through her hair
A moment
and chance coward at my feet,
laughing as my heart lay with chance!

Will you . . .
Would you gently

Silence spoke my words
As the fairies continued to dance

Dream With Me was originally published on The Indie Artist

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