Life Is Good

“Honey, I’m home.”
the door closes behind him
the smell of spaghetti sauce fills his nostrils
son and daughter greet his arrival

“In the kitchen, Hun.”
sauce spoon in hand
patterned smock, tight around her waist
love songs from the radio

Life is good.

“I got an oil change this afternoon.
The bastard stripped the oil pan nut.
Six-fifty for a new one. Six-fifty for a new one!
Should have stripped HIS nut.”

“Heather received a D on her spelling test.
Michael scraped his knee pretty bad.
Two bandages he needed. Two bandages he needed.
Told them to ignore the pain or they’d make it worse.”

“Where’s the mail.”
glances at the counter top
looks near his chair
picks up the paper

“I looked at the phone bill today.”
stirs the sauce
hand on her waist
light from the window, streams

Life is good.

“Damn Lakers!”
When’s dinner ready?
There’s nothing on tonight. There’s nothing on tonight!
We need HBO.

“I didn’t recognize some of these numbers.
I called a couple to see whose they were.
I was a little surprised. I was a little surprised.
We need to talk.”

“Can you believe Clinton?”
turns the page as the TV shouts
adjusts his chair-arm cover falls off
picks it up

“What were you thinking?”
slowly taps her foot-a nervous click
reaches for the basil
wipes her brow with a towel

Life is good.

“Can you believe Clinton?
I swear to god . . . if I have to pay more taxes next year . . .
Is there anything to drink? Is there anything to drink!
Where’s the channel changer?”

“I know what’s going on, and who she is.
How long have you been seeing her?
Didn’t you consider the kids? Didn’t you consider the kids!
What about me.”

“You’re crazy. Can I just RELAX when I come home?”
throws the paper down
turns up the volume
focuses on the TV

“Why do you hate AND ignore me.”
slams down the basil
picks up a knife
tears fill her eyes

Life is good.

“I don’t think I hate you and I’m not ignoring your pain.
You’re jumping to conclusions.
I’m tired. I’m tired.
Can we talk later?”

“You can call me at my parent’s house.
Did you even notice the kids today?
Heather received a D on her spelling test; Michael scraped his knee.
Told them to ignore the pain or they’d make it worse.
I told them to ignore the pain.”

Life Is Good was originally published on The Indie Artist

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