CA Road Trip

CA road trip from January 25th through the 28th.  My morning started at 5 am as I got ready to make my drive up towards Modesto then to Sacramento and back down to Orange County, CA.  My son was up and ready to leave by six.  He was excited to go back to college and be with his friends.

Seven hours and 370 miles took us mostly through fog as we drove out of Los Angeles and up to Modesto.  I visited a few clients and made a couple of rest stops but the drive was long with so much fog on Highway 99.  The total round trip was about 1200 miles over four days!

I’ve posted some short videos and pictures from along the way, trying find beauty in the moments.  Check out Fuzio Universal Bistro if you get to Modesto; though they have other locations in Northern CA. All pictures taken with my DROID 🙂

My morning usually begines with Starbucks – yummy 🙂

I saw this amber alert all week long on Hwy 99

Even in a small town there’s traffic – 25 mph or else 🙁

My day always ends at a Hilton – Happy Hour from 5PM to 7PM!!!

CA Road Trip was originally published on The Indie Artist

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