Europe on my mind ~

I’m excited to catch my early morning flight to Europe tomorrow morning!  It’s going to be a long week of training as I travel to three beautiful countries in seven days.  I’ll first visit Germany, then France and end my tour in Milan, Italy.  Thank goodness I know each language fluently . . . well . . . I know the words beer and wine.  Is there more required?

It’s a business trip but I’ll find time to enjoy the people and surroundings and to create moments.  I’ll bring my iPad and hopefully can post either on Facebook or this blog on my day-to-day adventures.  Though I’m not even sure I’ll have time with my schedule starting at 8AM and ending at 11PM – every night!

If you’re the stalker type or just very curious as to my whereabouts, I’ve posted my travel schedule on my website You can see what country I’m in and the hotel where I’m staying – there’s web links too.

I apologize to the many who have offered their hospitality during my visit but my schedule is very aggressive, leaving little time for socializing.  I’m sure I’ll return to these amazing cities where we can then sit and raise glasses to life and friendship.

I look forward to sharing photos and words from my travels.

Enjoy the moments ~

Europe on my mind ~ was originally published on The Indie Artist

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