Superficial Perceptions

My son’s YouTube video was getting a lot of disruptive comments last month.  He posted himself playing guitar and singing a cover song that some viewers felt was not interpretative to their liking.  I always find it interesting how people comment with closed minds, especially when commenting on art.

I shared with my son that as artists, we put ourselves out there – vulnerable and transparent. We take risks that reveal our passion.  Risk leads us to authentic, vibrant, and enthralling performances that come from our soul; not from societies superficial, decoratively packaged perceptions.

I feel that when you can’t quite express your feelings or thoughts with words, your spirit and your soul begin to moan.  They groan and cough as they try to release the deeply rooted thought, feeling, or emotion.  We’re unsettled until we release “it” through some type of medium; this could be a song, a painting, a poem, a dance, or even a scream.  The medium for expressing yourself is unconfined and limitless.  And when you find it and use it to release yourself, you’ve exposed a piece of YOU.

So what is “it”?  What is that deeply rooted thing which makes your spirit and soul groan?  I believe the answer is simple and yet complex . . . but I want to explore the logic a little deeper; if logic can even be associated with inner expression and what we define as art.  Stay tuned and feel free to share your comments too.

Beyond Words

Beyond Words – James Olmos

Superficial Perceptions was originally published on The Indie Artist

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