She moves me on the water – She takes me cross the sea
Like the thunder in the heavens – She brings me to my knees
She hides me in the shadows – She bleeds in me her pain
With the tears that fall from her eyes – I bathe in her new rain

Breathe on me your fire – Breathe on me your light
And these walls that kiss the heavens – Will keep us safe tonight

She calms me with her whispers – She moves me with her eyes
Like the midnight sweat from a broken dream – She comes from deep inside
She traps me in the mountains – She keeps me far from love
This journey that was meant for me – Was stolen from above

And I will honor your love – Cause our walls are the same
Our eyes they search for sunlight – As we look out past the pain

In this tomb of isolation – No tears to wash me clean
Cause the higher this wall rises – The less I feel the pain

Embed for Breath On Me

Words and Music by
James Olmos

BREATHE ON ME was originally published on The Indie Artist


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