CA Road Trip Feb 2012

I enjoy taking photographs.  Unfortunately, they usually never make it out of my camera or computer.  Since I’m “in-the-mood” I’ll post some photos from my drive up through Central California a couple of weeks ago.  When you’re done scrolling you should check out Kenneth Todd’s work.  He has creative photos, supported with a short paragraph explaining the moment and his heart.  So really, he gives you two pictures in one.

I drove north up the coast until just after Santa Barbara.  I know Hwy 1 starts to wind and can take a lot longer than Hwy 101 or the I-5, so I thought I’ld cut across the mountain . . . ummm not a good idea.  Don’t take Refugio Road unless you have a 4-wheel drive.  You’ll make it to the top, where I took this picture, but it’s unpaved road the rest of the way with lots of turns.  You can see from the pic it was getting dark out; so, I turned around.

I took the pictures above when I stopped for a bathroom break at a reststop off I-5 South.  The fire hydrant is wooden (I didn’t use it).  The reststop had a little dog park that was surrounded by these tree orchards.  I don’t know what type of trees they are but I’m sure they bear fruit or nuts.  Bears – Bares – I’m going with bears 🙂

These last two photos and video are from a couple of years ago . . . told you . . . they never make it out of my camera.  Ohh and by-the-way, I took all these pictures and video with my Droid.  If you would like to see all the photos then please visit my Google+ page.

CA Road Trip Feb 2012 was originally published on The Indie Artist

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