Do Quotes Have Value?

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.  Mahatma Gandhi – Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 – 1948)

B l o c k T h e W o r l d

B l o c k T h e W o r l d (Photo credit: SamanthaInWonderland)

I see quotes like this and a billion others on social networks. They communicate about how we should live, feel and act. People throw them in our virtual faces daily with cute backdrops of kittens and heart warming sunsets. I personally find them annoying and I’ll tell you why.

How life-changing have these quotes been for you? Do you read them just to feel warm and fuzzy for a few moments, only to forget those feelings after your first distraction? Do you know why this happens?

I believe these quotes confuse people. But why? How can the deepest, most soul-stirring quotes be confusing? One word . . . experience.

Look back at the quote above. Mahatma Gandhi was an exceptional human being, to say the least. I won’t expound on his life during my rant; you can read about him here. But I would guess that Gandhi was someone who experienced life and its many aspects, then shared his experiences through his actions. And vice versa. His “quotes” were in direct correlation to his experiences. So, I feel that sometimes we read powerful quotes by extraordinary people and then go buy groceries.

I suggest taking a few moments to Google, Yahoo or Wikipedia the author.  Words run deep.  Let’s respect them and try to understand the person behind the words.

My thoughts are simply this . . . The people who spoke those words lived them first. We need to experience life and create our own quotes!

This is why we sometimes quickly forget quotes that are momentarily deep and soul stirring. We haven’t experienced them fist-hand. This doesn’t mean that you can’t allow certain convictions to permeate you. Or that you shouldn’t share words that have touched you and moved you to a deeper place within your journey. I’m just suggesting that we be still for a minute, draw upon our own experiences and create our own quotes.

You have amazing quotes! Reach down inside your pain and inside your joy to find them.

Quotes don’t have to be words either . . . let your life speak. Share and express through your passions!  I’m a songwriter, among other things, and post my lyrics, quotes and rants on this blog.  Check out the menu bar at the top and get to know me a little better.  Keep following my blog to read some of my quotes too.

P.S. Feel free to pull my words off this blog and post them over a flowery background or over a picture of two beautiful people holding hands and watching a sunset. 😛

Do Quotes Have Value? was originally published on The Indie Artist

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