Take One Project

I have about 30+ songs that I’ve written but never recorded. Some songs I’ve never even shared with anyone. I don’t play live so the only people who have heard most of my music are those who’ve listend to my live interent broadcasts. You can find the broadcast link at my website.

My whole, 6 Song EP endeavor was a painful learning curve that took me for an emotional ride.  I’m taking a new approach for my next album; I’m starting a “Take One Project” that consist of “first” recordings of old & new songs. Most of the songs I’ll post will be recorded via “one take”. The songs will simply be, one microphone capturing my vocals and either my acoustic guitar or piano (I’m not a pianist but I enjoy writing songs with the piano). They will either be new songs that I wrote within a week of posting them; or, they will be old songs that I’ve either never recorded or never wanted to record.

I’ll try to post songs, as time permits, to Soundcloud. The great thing about Soundcloud is that I can replace the songs while maintaining original comments and “listens”. So, as the song develops and matures, I can easily replace the original song with the revised song.

P.S.  Some of my songs have been available by video only.  But now they’ll be on Soundcloud too!

Take One Project was originally published on The Indie Artist

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