Hangouts on Google+

The smartest thing you can do today as a musician is join and engage on Google Plus . . . key word is ENGAGE.

I was hesitant to join yet another social network, but my curiosity got the best of me.  A few weeks after signing up I received a random email from a Canadian guy named, Billy Wilson.  He was asking if I wanted to participate on his Google Plus show that took place in a Hangout.  Billy “interviews” people from all over the globe: world-record-holders to astronomers / writers to wine connoisseurs.  Each of his Hangouts showcase a guest musician who performs during the last 15 minutes of his hour long show; this was my frist baby-step into the G+ family.  Billy’s show is called, “That Show With Billy Wilson”.  You can view some of Billy’s previous shows on YouTube.

Why did Billy invite me on his show?  How did he find me in a sea of other talented musicians . . . ENGAGEMENT.  Someone shared my music video with Billy; in turn, he invited me on his show.

So, who cares . . . I was on this one Hangout . . . big deal.  Right?  It WAS a big deal.  His shows get tons of views and he has a HUGE following – over 890,000 to be exact!  Immediately after being on the show my Google Plus friend-count increased by a couple hundred AND people were downloading and buying my CD.

With the synergy from that show I was invited to “Artists In The Plus”, created and hosted by John Voshell.  John’s main focus is to support musician’s through interviewing and promoting them via his two-hour Hangouts.  “Artists In The Plus” has over 175,000 followers.  John interviews a lot of top indie artists in addition to up-and-coming artists like me.

John has a great concept and passion for catapulting musician’s to the next level.  Do you want to go to there?  Please contact John via his website.

Hey LOOK!  I’m on TV . . . kinda.

So I’ve been in a couple of Hangouts and I got a few more fans listening to me . . . How is that different from Facebook or Twitter?

The biggest difference I’ve noticed from Google Plus is the engagement, the interaction, the deep respect and – most of all – the true friendship that continually builds through a visual and audible connection with people.

The depth of collaboration is amazing too.  I’ve connected with Anacron, a multi talented rapper/singer-songwriter who’s working on recording saxophone on my song “In A Moment”.  I’m also working with Tim  Behrens, a passionate singer-songwriter who’s working with me on a new song I wrote, titled “I Hurt”.  He’s adding instrumentals and backup vocals.  I call collaboration on Google Plus CollaborGoogle 😉

I can go on and on about Google Plus  . . . but I need to grab a refreshment and head into a Hangout where I can chill with up to nine other friends from across the globe, sing and just be me at the end of a long day.

I’ve been on Google Plus for a couple of months.  Feel free to to circle James Olmos and ask me about Hangouts and my involvement.

Some quick  favors – please purchase my CD from Google Play and “LIKE” my Facebook page – then . . . ENGAGE and share share share!

Keep enjoying the moments ~

Hangouts on Google+ was originally published on The Indie Artist

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