Surrender All

Please listen to my newest song that I’ve added to my “Take One” project which is a behind-the-scenes listen to my recordings.  These recordings are song ideas (incomplete, raw, organic) for my next full album.

But I’ve added a twist!

I’m collaborating with Google Plus Artists who are generous enough to feature their photos and paintings as my song artwork.  Each song I upload will feature different artwork.

The first artists to join my collaboration is Astrid MJ. Houchin.  Astrid’s art is fantasy oriented.  After listening to my song and reading the lyrics, Astrid created this stunning elf girl to represent how she interpreted the song, “Surrender All”.

Please visit Astrid’s website to view more of her beautiful work and to support her.

I have about 40 more songs to quickly record and post before the end of the year, so more artists and photographers and graphic artists are welcome to support this project!  All current songs on Soundcloud and future songs require artwork.

But there’s another twist!

I’m also collaborating with Google Plus Musicians who are open to writing lyrics and performing on new songs.  Tim Behrens and I are currently working on two songs – and they’re sounding AMAZING.  Tim offered lyrical support on this new song, “Surrender All” and he has some wonderful ideas to enhance it musically.

Please visit Tim’s website to listen to his wonderful music and to support him.

This Google Plus Family reaches deeper and deeper into my life to encourage me and develop me – Thank You

I held my head up high
As I felt the cost of this life
Wrestled with my soul
It made me whole

The judgment of that old song
Still moves its way through me
Stand upon the hope of
Loves melody

I will enter in – To the light again
Coming back to find who I am
I’m defined by love – Seek the light my love
Turn this heart of stone into sand
Surrender all

In every part of me
I feel the endless sea
Waves crash into my soul
I seek serenity

And I will build no walls
Let these burdens fall
The shadow of my past
Surrenders to the call

Words & Music by James Olmos & Tim Behrens
Artwork by Astrid MJ. Houchin

Surrender All was originally published on The Indie Artist

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