Find Your Love

Please listen to my newest song addition for my “Take One” project.  This project is a behind-the-scenes listen to my rough recordings.  These recordings are works-in-progress (incomplete, raw, organic) for my next full album.  I’ll choose 10 songs from this “Take One” project and properly record them for my upcoming album.

You may already know . . .

I’m collaborating with Google Plus Artists and featuring their photos and artwork as the thumbnail picture for my songs.  Each song in the “Take One” project will feature different artwork from photographers and artists from across the globe!

The third artists to join my collaboration is Michael Bastia.  Michael is a visual artist who sees the world around him through his lens and he’s capturing it with his own vision.  After looking through many of Michael’s photos I chose this beautiful black and white for the thumbnail art for, ‘Find Your Love’.

Please visit Michaels‘ website to view more of his stunning work and to support his passion.

50 songs are available for listening on my website!  More artists and photographers are welcome to support this project!  All current songs on my Soundcloud page and future songs require artwork.  For collaborative details please click the purple monkey pink monkey

Or go the boring route and contact me via my website or on Google Plus.  View the collection of collaborative works here.

This Google Plus Family reaches deeper and deeper into my life to encourage me and develop me daily – Thank You

I was lost somewhere – Between the lighting and the storm
Between heaven and your eyes – Your eyes
I was lost somewhere – Between the moon and the night
Between the ashes and the sea – Till I found your love

I found you through a song – A fighting symphony
I wanna find you holding me
Would you crawl through the pain – Hold strong through the fire
To find your love in me

I wanna find your love – Find your love in me
I wanna find your love – Find your love in me

I was reaching out – Reaching through the earth
To find you in the light – In the dark
I was reaching out – With scars upon my hands
These wounds speak loud – Of how I found your love

Words & Music by James Olmos
Photography by Michael Bastia

Find Your Love was originally published on The Indie Artist

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