In The Light

Please listen to my newest song addition for my “Take One” project.  These recordings are works-in-progress (incomplete, raw, organic) for my next full album.  I’ll choose 10 songs from this “Take One” project and properly record them for my upcoming album.

You may already know . . .

I’m collaborating with Google Plus Artists and featuring their photos and artwork as the thumbnail picture for my songs.  Each song in the “Take One” project will feature different artwork from photographers and artists from across the globe!

The fourth artist is Billy Wilson.  Billy is a photographer who produces images of self portraits, architecture, and natural scenes and combines them together to tell a story in a series of images.  He also does architectural drawings and designs.

You can find more of Billy’s work at his blog & website.  Click here for his prints.

Want more music!

50 songs are available for listening on my website!  More artists and photographers are welcome to support this project!  All current songs and future songs require artwork.

For collaborative details please click Billy Wilson’s photo A Peaceful Moment_Billy Wilson_In The Light

You can always contact me via my website or Google Plus and view the collection of collaborative works here.

Billy Wilson chose a beautiful portrait  titled “Asleep In A Greenhouse” for the thumbnail art for

‘In The Light’

You have seen me – heard my cry and we dance – in the light
Knowing love we find forgiveness – breathe out the past

Breathing out our pain
We surrender to the dance
Reaching out past the fear
We find hope in the light – in the light

We have overcome the storm – found peace – once again
Giving up our selfish hands we kneel in the light

You can laugh at the truth and beg for the rain
You can sing about life and push down the pain
But where is the hope – Where is fire
Where is that drive – Do you keep it inside
Or in the light – In the dance

We’ve held this long and danced through the pain
We can’t give up – We can’t turn back
There’s higher ground – Life to be found
The struggles – The sweat – The sorrow
Through conflict – collision and chaos

You continue to live – succeed – achieve – deliver
You continue to dance
Cause you choose to breathe – You breathe

Words & Music by James Olmos
Photography by Billy Wilson

In The Light was originally published on The Indie Artist

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