Carry Me Tonight

Please listen to my newest song addition for my “Take One Project”.  These recordings are works-in-progress (incomplete, raw, organic) for my next full album.  I’ll choose 12 songs from this “Take One Project” and properly record them for my upcoming album.

Physical CD’s are NOW available from my website!

Did You Know . . .

I’m collaborating with Google Plus Artists and featuring their photos and artwork as the thumbnail picture for my songs.  Each song in the “Take One Project” will feature different artwork from photographers and artists across the globe!

The fifth artist is Paulissa Kipp.  Paulissa is a Curious Lens Goddess, author and artist documenting the beautiful, curious and often overlooked.  Please click here to view Paula’s portfolio.

For collaborative details please click Paulissa Kipp‘s photopath_color the way_Paulissa Kipp

Paulissa Kipp’s work  is titled “Path, Color the Way” and is the thumbnail art for

‘Carry Me Tonight’

She was my muse – Left me dazed and confused
Like the day that we first met

She held my song – She always sang along
But the tune was just too strong

Distant as the sun – Yet she burned in my bones
Within my dreams she made a home

She never looked in to my eyes – If she did, she’d know why
I was crazy on this love

Carry me tonight – Be the air – Be the light
Carry me tonight – Sing of love – Sing of life
-Carry me tonight – Stop the world – Dry your eyes-

Engraved in my soul – This muse left me whole
A troubadour’s delight

With time on her side – She chose to abide
To the moral law of life – blinded

She longs from afar – Waiting for her bard
As she baths in every verse

Naked as this song – She lingers like a poem
I feel her in my bones

Bone of my bone – Flesh of my flesh
The story’s seldom told
Soul touches soul – Spirit touches life
This muse will arise

Words & Music by James Olmos
Photography by Paulissa Kipp

Want More Music!

50 songs are available for listening on my website!  More artists and photographers are welcome to support this project!  All current songs and future songs require artwork.

You can always contact me via my website or Google Plus and view the collection of collaborative works here.

Carry Me Tonight was originally published on The Indie Artist

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