Shatter Me

Please listen to my newest song addition for my “Take One Project”.  These recordings are works-in-progress (incomplete, raw, organic) for my next full album.  I’ll choose 12 songs from this “Take One Project” and properly record them for my upcoming album.

Physical CD’s are NOW available from my website!

Did You Know . . .

I’m collaborating with Google Plus Artists and featuring their photos and artwork as the thumbnail picture for my songs.  Each song in the “Take One Project” will feature different artwork from photographers and artists across the globe!

The sixth artist is Suzen Juel.  Suzen is a musician and artist who works with many mediums.  All her works speak deeply and passionately.  Please click here to view Suzen’s portfolio.

For collaborative details please click Suzen Juel’s photo

Suzen Juel

Suzen Juel’s work is the thumbnail art for


Color me
Paint me bright upon your skin so fair
I realize

I feel again
In the motion of your song I fall
Through your pain

And I’ve been waiting for my soul to cry
Bitter kisses on my heart
You’ve come closer than my yesterday
Won’t you free my pain
Won’t you free my pain

Stay with me
Hold me like you feel at home
With my soul

Cry with me
Scream your pain into my body
And shatter me

Words & Music by James Olmos
Photography by Suzen Juel

Want More Music!

50 songs are available for listening on my website!  More artists and photographers are welcome to support this project!  All current songs and future songs require artwork.

You can always contact me via my website or Google Plus and view the collection of collaborative works here.

Shatter Me was originally published on The Indie Artist

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