Live like you were dying?

Live like you were dying  . . . I never liked that saying.  It just seems so morbid.  Live for today is another term we often hear that is suppose to encourage us to value life.

We like to create reasons to endure this life instead of understanding that life is simply, breath.

To live like you’re dying is to live anxiously and desperately.  Our journey towards death begins at conception and concludes after our last breath.  In contrast to eternity which began before breath and does not expire.

Yet life does not begin with our own breath, it begins with the breath of our mother and father . . . some say it begins with God.  We inhale before we exhale.  We take in life before we give life.

Why ponder on reasons to exist?  Why search for the purpose of our breath?  Why seek the creator when we’ve already been found?


I draw songs from breath.  I don’t search for the song; the song finds me.  The song existed before me and I only need to have ears to hear it.  My muse is everything outside my skin and everything inside my spirit, soul and body.

Why do I stand where I stand and breath?  To live.

Live like you were dying? was originally published on The Indie Artist

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