Life’s Obstacles – Enduring The Daily Race

A sharp pain pierced my lower-back and I fell to the dirt on my knees. I paused, reached my right hand around to comfort my back, then slowly raised to my feet.

I committed to training for the Spartan Super (OCR) with passion and intention; then I was afflicted with this back spasm. This was the first life obstacle I encountered prior to running the Spartan Super.

This back spasm hit me while I was traveling in Sedona, Arizona taking photographs. I followed a dirt road off the highway that led to a scenic landscape. On that road was a set of old mailboxes that looked more intriguing than the view. In order to capture a unique angle, I bent down into one of those awkward, photographer Yoga positions; that’s when my lower back spasmed.

This is the picture that jacked my back for 5 days.
Sedona Mailbox-1

I had a choice. I could use this pain as an excuse to postpone my OCR training or I could work though the pain. I chose to endure. I chose exercises that could heal my back while getting me in shape.

What choice would you have made?

Weeks passed and my lower back healed. Then came the second obstacle. I was running 50 yard sprints and incorporating various exercises after each sprint: burpees, plyo-pushups, high knee jumps. As I came down from performing a beloved burpee, I immediately went into a sprint towards the 50 yard line. I instantly felt a pull in my left quadricep. Crap!

I drove to my local sporting goods store and purchased a soft brace to wrap around my leg. I drove home then iced and wrapped my quad. This injury was not going to stop me from training. Again, I trained a little lighter and cautiously but I still continued training.

Side note: Please understand that I did take caution with these injuries. If the injuries had been severe then I would have seen my physician and approached my training differently or ceased training.

Three weeks before traveling to Las Vegas for the Spartan Super, my third obstacle struck harder than the first two . . . the flu.

I rarely get sick.  I don’t get many headaches or colds . . . nothing.  In March of 2012 I caught the flu.  It was horrible and kept me down for about 5 full days.  My body ached; I had a fever; I was miserable.  The interesting thing about THIS flu was the length between my previous flu . . 10 years!  I had not contracted the flu virus in over 10 years prior to March 2012!  And, I don’t get flu shots.

Well, you guessed it . . . this March 2013, less than a month before my Spartan Super I caught the flu.  It was just as long and just as miserable.  I obviously could not workout.  I laid in bed thinking about how bad this was going to set me back in training.  But it didn’t!  I recovered, got back into my routine of protein shakes, 7 mile trail runs, and weight resistance just like I had never been sick.

In what ways do you persevere and overcome obstacles?

Are you someone who needs to see your goal or target? Maybe you’re more comfortable tightening your laces, looking at the horizon and just running.

What ever your drive or motivation is, we all need to endure and persevere; whether you’re running a race, running a family or running to find peace. If you desire and find passion in what you love then with intention and a mechanism, you’ll succeed.

Stay motivated and keep enjoying Life’s Moments ~

Life’s Obstacles – Enduring The Daily Race was originally published on The Indie Artist

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