Build A Fort And Dream

Mom’s favorite 400 thread count bed sheet kept falling down from my bedroom wall so I used thumbtacks instead of duct tape to pin it in place. The bedding draped from the wall then over my desk where it stretched to meet my chair. I had taped the corner of the sheet to the chair, but it wasn’t really a chair . . . it was the doorway leading into my secret hideout . . . the dungeon of light and sound.

I’m writing about childhood, creative outlets and how valuable they are to us as adults. We are so distracted in our day-to-day lives that we lose or forget the things that we’re passionate about. I believe that we’re all creative people. From the making of the wheel in the Stone Age to landing on the moon, to teleporting to Paris instead of flying . . . okay maybe we haven’t created teleportation yet but we’ll get there!

But why does this matter? In what way will childhood reflection change my life or make me happier or make me more productive?

If we can reconnect with our positive childhood moments then we can rediscover our creative voice. The discovery is healing because it allows for pause and reflection and it shakes us out of the monotony of life. We’re creative beings and when we’re moving in our creative voice then we’re living within our purpose.

When’s the last time you built a fort and dreamed? Or built a fort and rediscovered, the best times, of your inner 5-year-old?

It’s a beautiful moment when you can get lost in your imagination. You remember how to fly, how to create and how to believe. Your shoelaces become snakes, lassoes and 100 foot ropes used to climb down treacherous mountain cliffs. You belong and feel safe in your childhood fort. In this safety you find strength to overcome.

You will accomplish many things when you begin living in that safe, creative place. From bedroom forts to boardrooms, from tree houses to traveling overseas . . . allow your imaginative, creative moment to give you flight into real, current and future moments.

Cannon Beach, OregonIt’s not the act of your creative outlet that frees you, it’s the space that’s created that offers you breath. It’s that pause that removes the barrier of stagnation and offers you motion.

What did your fort look like? Did you make use of the entire room or did you shine creatively in the smaller places of your home?

We should dream big! Though your living space may be small your imagination is endless. You may have created a small fort because you felt small; your self-worth was represented by your fort size. Maybe you only allowed yourself to dream small because other’s stifled you. Change that outlook today and dream big! You’re imagination is endless so go for it. The more creative space you dwell in the more you can achieve.

Let me explain. We can’t move if we’re in deep, thick mud. We create dense, unimaginative mud in our life. The mud is the built up residue that coagulates around your life as you resist creative change. You can fling the mud to rid it from your life or you can reach towards the sky and soar out of it.

In contrast to a muddy habitat, if we transition from each of life’s circumstances while living in a creative environment then we create space. If you’re in a unstable situation then maybe some creative outlet will offer space for you to problem solve or to find an exit door. I’m not saying that bad circumstances are going away if you build a fort and dream; I’m saying that you may find creative solutions within positive, creative spaces that you make for yourself.

I know, for me, when I’ve experienced challenging times, I would write songs or poems. This creative outlet didn’t directly solve my problems but I was able to find peace. And within peace I was able to make better decisions. Maybe that makes more sense?

Building forts and dreaming was a refreshing time because we were living in the moment and that moment was as real as the pink, Bazooka bubblegum on the bottom of our shoe and as alerting as the aroma of mom’s cooking floating throughout the house. What does your fort look like today and how do you live in your creative moment?

Write, draw, plant vegetables, take dance lessons, whittle a toothpick, or bake a cupcake and get out of the mud.

Go build a fort and dream so that you can continue enjoying Life’s Moments ~

Build A Fort And Dream was originally published on The Indie Artist

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