Raw Food – Vegetarian Diet Lifestyle Transition

I’ve decided to dive deeper into the vegetarian lifestyle; Raw Food Vegetarian!

This is a perfect week to begin a raw food,vegetarian diet since my wife’s gone and I won’t be tempted to eat foods other than fruits and vegetables.  No being wooed by the smell of turkey pasta sauce filling the house at night.

So the idea is this, and I’ve read about it in the book Alive! by Brian Rossiter; you just eat fruits and vegetables. LOL And there is no cooking! I absolutely love this idea and I’m onboard to give it a shot.

The thing is, you have to eat massive amounts of fruits and veggies to consume enough calories.  So, finding a wholesale fruit and vegetable market is a must.  But living in Southern Orange County, that should not be a problem.  There are some great vegetarian restaurants in this city too!

I’m kinda stoked about this vegetarian journey.

I have no idea what to expect but I’m gonna try it for a week!

I started yesterday with my first banana and romaine salad smoothie. It wasn’t bad tasting but I should have put ice in it. Nothing like drinking warm bananas.

The recipe called for 8 to 10 bananas!!!  Haha . . . sounds crazy, huh?  I shared the raw food, vegetarian diet concept with my son and he said, “That’s ridiculous!”  And I gotta say that it does seem a bit much but I’m pumped to try it!

I only added 3 bananas to the blender and 4 ounces of romaine lettuce, which turned out to be about 6 romaine leaves.  Then I added 8 oz of water.

I purchased a Ninja blender! It’s so cool and it blends my food quickly. You need the right tools do get the job done, right?!

Can I actually follow through with this raw food diet?

For 20 years I have not eaten beef or pork; I’ve only consumed fish and chicken. And you know, I never missed beef and pork since the day I turned my back on that food. I’m not sure if I’ll miss chicken either, BUT I may miss seafood if I choose to go 100% with this new lifestyle. I love me some good quality sushi. 🙂

I’m not sure if I want to eliminate coffee and alcohol . . . but, this is a journey and a lifestyle change that will develop over time, if I even chose to continue to pursue a vegetarian lifestyle.  I’ve eliminated coffee and alcohol in the past and I never felt any difference in my health.

I stopped drinking coffee for a year.  And I stopped drinking alcohol for 6 months. I didn’t experience any positive or negative effects. The only effect I felt from not drinking alcohol was the passing of melancholy at a faster rate. Strange, huh?

To start, I’m thinking I’ll eat raw fruits and vegetables for two meals, breakfast and lunch, and then introduce grains and foods like lentils and tofu sausages. But eventually, I’d like to go completely raw fruits and veggies!

It’s going to be a challenging diet when I travel though. I don’t really want to bring my blender with me, but I could.  But I won’t.  LOL

I’m off to make a mango and romaine lettuce smoothie! We’re talking 3 full mangos and a 1/4 pound of lettuce 😉 Yum!

Need some recipe ideas?

You might consider this Fruit Salad Recipe.  Or if you’re feeling adventurous, and easing into this raw food lifestyle, you may want to try this Red-Kidney Bean Tacos Recipe!

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