Fitness Motivators

I’m changing my fitness motivators!

It’s time to change my fitness motivators in time for summer and bring heat to my workouts to lose body fat while gaining muscle and strength to crush my fitness goals.

I’m constantly changing my routines and fitness motivators.  I’ve endured many Spartan races, Tough Mudder’s and a few Half Marathons over the years and now it’s time for change.

I get bored quickly and repetition is NOT my motivator.  My boredom is not tied to just to fitness.  I’ll change from writing songs to music production, photo shoots to video editing . . . rinse and repeat!

I even change my diet and nutrition often . . . curiosity is my muse.  I have a blog draft on this subject of curiosity. Coming soon! 😉

I ran the Spartan World Championship (15 miles of high altitude & brutal obstacles) six months ago and since then, I haven’t been working out with weights.  The main reason is due to shoulder and elbow injuries.

Since then I “trained” for the San Diego Half Marathon & Temecula Half Marathon.  But I didn’t train too much for the SD Half due to lots of air travel and a heavy workload.  I averaged 9 miles a WEEK over 14 weeks!  Can you believe it . . . I ran my best race ever with a PR time of 1:56:59.

One thing I’ve noticed while only running longer distances vs. adding fitness exercises like HITT training and weight resistance, is that I’ve gained weight.  And since I haven’t been lifting weights I have not gained muscle; I’ve gained 10 pounds of fat!  You need well-rounded training and fitness routines to see improvements in your health goals.

As a reminder, fish is my only non plant-based protein.

So what will change?

I’m going back to a 5×5 weight training routine.

I challenged myself in 2014 to gain some muscle mass while maintaining a lean physique.  And I did it!  Read about it here and see a photo.

My motivator will be physical change and not a PR or a 10 foot wall to leap over.  I have 90 days to see any change in my body’s shape . . . fat to fit!

I’ll try to write a couple of blog posts about the transformation while posting updates on my Facebook Fitness Page.

In the meantime, here is a short video I made after yesterday’s HITT training session.  Please comment if you have questions.

Fitness Motivators was originally published on The Indie Artist

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