Tracing light with my lens

She modeled before; you could tell by the way she moved. She touched her fingertips to her face instead of pressing her hand into it.

I wasn’t upset when she arrived without her second outfit. She just hopped into her old VW Bug and zoomed off back home to quickly fetch it.

The sunlight wasn’t perfect and neither was my finger when it pressed down on the shutter. This was my first “real” client photo session.

She made some confessions to me and I kept mine to myself.

I know a portrait session can be mixed with turning, reaching and smiling but it’s the fragrance in the air that I try to capture.

Can I smell the grass? Can I hear the kids playing on the slide when I look back at my photographs . . . those captured moments?

I want to trace light with my lens.

I’m going to give more than I take.

James Olmos Photography

Tracing light with my lens was originally published on The Indie Artist

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