Headshot 101

It doesn’t take much effort to listen while working.  And listening doesn’t have to be work.

I saw a duffel bag filled with musician’s tools . . . a little midi keyboard, headphones, a small microphone and a notepad.

They were far from props.  They expressed a connection to his heart and led the path to his dreams.  Use them.

I didn’t ask questions because his movements were the answer.  The synergy expressed itself through ideas birthed through freedom.

“How about we put this next to me.  I’ll put the headphones on.”  Dance, I told him.

The headshot lives and breathes in the eyes.

I’ll capture sound . . . movement . . . career choice.

I trace light with my lens.  I listened to his words while sweating in the hot sun.  The sun was only secondary.

Headshot 101 was originally published on The Indie Artist

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