She’s Ballanced

I looked at her as she stood there.  Her majesty, her destiny.

Like a poem she moved across the sky, standing still.  As still as words in a child’s book.

I was jealous of her grip.  She was strong and I was weak.  Weak but not frail because I have knowledge.

Her knowledge, her story, her whisper sends chills through my soul.  She doesn’t haunt me . . . she just is . . .

Do you recognize decay?  Do you feel growing pains?  Or do you exist to express your soul?

I turned.

I found her in my sight.  She was not a portrait, she was more.  So, I traced her light with my lens.

I pondered as she wooed me into the very stillness of her thought.  Though I was not fooled!

I am my own.

Am I doing what’s good for my soul?

She’s Ballanced was originally published on The Indie Artist

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