Color Me Portrait

Her joy led me in as her smile captivated my soul.  She was a colorful light and my lens discovered freedom once again.

Run with me again. Sprint to this finish line with zeal upon your heart for life’s race has many colors. Colors that you’ve never realized.

Not because your eyes were closed. Not because your heart was poor. You’re not bound unless you allow yourself to be bound.  So let light and color discover you.

She reached down and traced her finger in the dust before deciding to animate it. Her decision created life.  Motion is a good thing.

So I traced her light with my lens.  A portrait of motion.

Her action was not distracting, it was invigorating because of her smile, because of her heart’s intention.

My intention?  This day?  You.

The color of grace is boundless.

Color Me Portrait was originally published on The Indie Artist

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