3 Tips to Reach Your Fitness Goals

This is my second update on the Athlean-X1 Fitness Transformation Workout.  (Read my first post and watch the video here.) There have been many things I’ve learned, not only from participating in this workout but through training for over 30 years.  Here are 3 great tips that will help you reach your fitness goals.  (Read or watch the video below!)

#1 Schedule Workouts on a Calendar

I’ve completed 40 days of the Athlean-X1 fitness transformation workout.

And I’ve made it this far because of a few reasons.  First tip, because I added my detailed workout schedule to my calendar.

You’ve heard it said before, that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.  We not only need to plan, but we need detailed planning.

The keyword here is DETAILED.

Add the exercise description for your workout on your calendar, i.e. walk a mile; exercise legs, back and biceps . . .  THEN, lock-in the exact time you’re going to workout!

Adding my workout training schedule to my Google calendar has helped in keeping me on track with my fitness goals.

Plan With Intention

The #1 reason my past workouts were sabotaged was because of poor planning.

Putting my workout schedule on my calendar, alongside my other planned activities, like my travel schedule, major holidays, parties, social events and vacations . . . helps me visualize where my workout days conflict with other plans.

No surprises!

Therefore, I can quickly glance at my calendar and see, “Oh!  There’s gonna be a conflict with my workout, I better workout earlier or later in the day.”

Planning with intention eliminates excuses that may sabotage your workout.

Great Read!

Need help in goal setting?  Read this motivational and insightful book:  Write It Down, Make It Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser

#2 Have a Purpose and Plan with Intention

Losing weight is almost everyone’s goal . . . and it’s lame.  It’s a lame goal.

So tip number 2, consider goal intentions like – better stamina, enhanced focus, gain a stronger core to increase stability in your life.

Our mind needs reframing.

Working out can be a complete lifestyle change.  So reframing your thinking, while planning with intention will propel you into reaching greater life achievements.

Choose Tangible Reasons

Choose tangible reasons that will motivate you and progress you into a healthier lifestyle.

My goals?  I wanna be fired-up, on top of my game and motivated to be the most success person I can be!

THAT – takes me to the gym!  THAT – motivates my feet on my trail runs!

#3 Accountability

I’ve worked out alone for decades.  I don’t know why, but I’m pretty good at achieving goals with little to no assistance.

The downside . . . It takes me longer to succeed.

Tip number 3, accountability gets you there quicker.  I’m sure you’d agree that having some form of accountability is a huge motivator, especially when things seem difficult or you’ve lost that fire to move forward.

Accountability Keeps You Focused

You know the scenario.

You commit.  You go to the gym. Or you start a walking or running program and then you hit a wall of fatigue or depression or fear.

And then you stop or pause your routine.  And it may be on-hold for a very long time.

You can achieve your fitness goals, or any other goals for that matter, without accountability.  Although, it’s probably going to take you longer because no one’s going to be there to kick your butt and keep you focused when you’re NOT feeling motivated.

We need our cheerleaders.

We need our motivators for when the “impossible” rears its head.

We need to celebrate our accomplishments with someone.

We need hope

Accountability keeps you focused and on-track for attaining any life goals.

I offer this advice from experience, not from some textbook.  I get it – life happens and we can’t control every aspect of our day.

Regardless, you’ll have a better chance at succeeding and sticking with your workout schedule while you align with an accountability partner.

Use these 3 tips to help you reach your fitness goals:

#1 Calendaring

#2 Planning with purpose and intention

#3 Seeking accountability

While following these 3 tips you’ll be successful in your fitness goals.

Stay healthy and creative!

3 Tips to Reach Your Fitness Goals was originally published on The Indie Artist

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