Circumstances – Don’t Let Them Control You

Video: Circumstance can make a winner out of you or can make a loser out of you.  Your choice.  When you’re put in any given circumstance you need to choose the option that’s gonna give the best results.  Don’t let circumstances control you.  Stay healthy and creative.

We are faced with daily circumstances.  “Do I run when there’s a snow blizzard outside or do I stay in and watch reruns of Gilligan’s Island?”  “I feel a head cold coming, should I still go to the gym or let my body rest?”

Regardless of the circumstance, you already know the answer.

I strongly believe that we already know the answer to most questions but we feel that we have to play the metal chess game to find the answer.  Yes, some circumstances require deeper reasoning but our day to day circumstance are pretty straight forward.

You know the answer.  So do the right thing.

Don’t let circumstances control you.  Don’t let them eat away at your mind and emotions as you torture yourself trying to find the answer that you already know.

To practice five things under all circumstances constitutes perfect virtue; these five are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness, and kindness. ~ Confucius

Read that quote from Confucius again.

When in any given circumstance consider your moral standards.

Gravity:  Are you going to ignore the deepest effects your decision has on others or yourself?

Generosity of soul:  Who’s serving who?  What makes your soul happy?

Sincerity:  Are you being honest with yourself or others?

Earnestness:  Don’t forget what you’re most passionate about.  Remember your goal and stay focused on your original intention.

Kindness:  Will your decision serve others?  Will your decision serve yourself?

These are all great virtues, but if you actually have to pause for any length of time to ask these questions each time you make circumstantial decisions . . . then you may need to take inventory of what’s been ingrained in your moral standards.

I could write a million words on the reasons why one’s reaction time to answering questions is directly related to their moral upbringing.

The point is twofold:  Don’t let circumstances control you or constrict you.  Allow your moral intentions to engage, react and respond.  Most of the time this “knee jerk” reaction is the answer.

The answer is the sum of who you are.

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