Judgemental Portrait

The cool air carried the smell of alcohol over the crowded sidewalks.  Laughter, release and the midday breeze embraced the streets like a song from an 80’s sitcom . . . where everybody knows your name. I can judge the moment or  . . . trace the light with my lens. We choose to surrender to this…

Judgemental Portrait was originally published on The Indie Artist


Mountain Biker VS Foot Racer

Raced a mountain biker to the top of Four Corners in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park . . . and won! One of my favorite running trails is nestled in the beautiful hillside of Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in Southern, CA.  They have 23 unique trails giving hikers, joggers and mountain bikers 17 miles to explore and…

Mountain Biker VS Foot Racer was originally published on The Indie Artist