Workout Athlean WK Zero

The Athlean-X workout routine seems legit! They have a lot of workout programs designed for your specific training goal.  And I’m excited to get started. I’m starting with the AX-1 routine and then will graduate to the AX-2 routine.  If you want to learn more about the workouts they offer then visit Athlean Online. This…

Workout Athlean WK Zero was originally published on The Indie Artist


Kinship Of Word And Spirit

I step back from time to time, back to when my pencil first echoed my soul on paper.  I would surrender words, unashamed and transparent; abandoned to no one; yet offered to everything outside of my skin.  I forced myself to never use my eraser.  I simply wanted the words to lay unshattered.  I would…

Kinship Of Word And Spirit was originally published on The Indie Artist