Child Portrait

The child. Resting humbly, not from exhaustion but from smiling, dreaming and living. This pause is framed in poetic assurance that the playful past will repeat.  I sing. I traced her with my lens.  I covered her in darkness, then in folded rest she brought forth light. Her shadows are not dark; contrarily, her shadows…

Child Portrait was originally published on The Indie Artist


A Bat To The Face

If I woke up in the night and someone struck me in the face with a bat as hard as they could, then I would feel tremendous pain and see the effects of the bat that hit my face. I would seek medical attention and recover. In contrast, if I went to bed one night,…

A Bat To The Face was originally published on The Indie Artist

Recovery Makes You Stronger

My toes jetted forward, curled and twisted as vicious cramps bit both my calves.  Recovery would only come through tapping out. I was still recovering from my last obstacle course race (OCR) on Sunday but training for the Spartan Super began that next day on Monday. There is no downtime before entering the battlefield. Really? I knew that…

Recovery Makes You Stronger was originally published on The Indie Artist